Sentinel Mazinkaiser Mazinger Riobot Action Figure

$ 409.99
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Return of the emperor! A forever classic design! Now with strengthened joints! And more die-cast!! For the first time feel the power of the design recreated in your hand with super articulation! Mazinkaiser will be the newest addition to the RIOBOT Series!

Designed by the famous design team Chemical Attack and supervised by Dynamic Productions this product will come built to look massive and powerful in any pose. Designed to keep this look in any pose, the whole body will be filled with gimmicks to enhance range of motion that will shock you when you pose it. Will come in a metallic finish and uses numerous transparent parts but it will come heavy and steady thanks to the diecast parts used.

Many extra parts are included such as the large Kaiser Scander that will be 12.59" (320mm) wide. Will come with option and effect parts that will allow you to recreate many of the famous scenes of the series! We feel this Mazinkaiser is a toy that is deserving of the name "Kaiser" !

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