Crochet Hook SET Boye Crochet Master 25 pc Steel and Aluminum

Contains steel 00(3.5mm), 0(3.25), 1(2.75), 2(2.5), 3(2.10), 4(2.00),5(1.9), 6(1.8)

7(1.65), 8(1.5), 9(1.4), 10(1.3),11(1.1),12(1.0),13(.85),14(.75)

Aluminum D-3(3.25mm),E-4(3.5),F-5(3.75),G-6(4.25),H-8(5.0),I-9(5.5),J-10(6.0),K-10.5(6.5)

Durable canvas case measures 6x4x1 


$ 41.99
$ 41.99

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