The Lord of the Rings The Doors of Durin Environment Statue

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      • "The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak friend, and enter."
      • Sculpted by expert model-maker Leonard Ellis and made from high quality polystone!
      • Statue features LED lighting and full environment design!
      Scuplted by expert model-maker Leonard Ellis, The Lord of the Rings The Doors of Durin Environment was designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the The Lord of the Rings films. Inspired directly from the film, the environmtal statue expertly catpures the iconic scene when Gandalf and the fellowship arrive at mysterious The Doors of Durin. Just like the film, the entrance illuminates with a Mithril-like glow with LED lighting. Just like the previously released statues, this scenic statue features 360-degree sculpt work to create a life-like work of art. The Lord of the Rings The Doors of Durin Environment Statue measures about 13 3/4-inches long x 11 1/3-inches tall x 5-inches deep and comes packaged in a closed box. A universal power adapter included.

      The Doors of Durin were a symbol of friendship between Durin's people and the neighbouring Elves. Mithril mined within was spun with magic into ithildin letters and iconography that shone only in the light of the moon or stars. Upon their sheer surfaces were inlaid the initials of their makers, the king, and the riddling inscription ‘Speak friend and enter'. While the Dwarves enjoyed many long years of tranquil prosperity, the day finally came when war and death invaded Khazad-dum and the Doors of Durin were sealed. By the waning years of the Third Age of Middle-earth, no Dwarf dared cross the threshold into the once proud empire of their people. Moria it was called, the Black Pit, home to Orcs and things far worse. Ages 15 and up.


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